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Achieving the hair of your dreams is often met with great difficulties. Not everyone is born with the ability to grow long or thicker hair. elements such as environment, diet, stress, and hereditary factors help to determine your hair's health.

Our Extension Artists specialize in all areas of hair extensions and can help you decide your best option. You can achieve hair extensions and hair enhancements, indistinguishable from your natural hair in only a few hours. Achieving looks you have always wanted or enhancing your current look is all possible.

We offer the following extension services:

  • Individually Bonded - Based on at home care, lasting 2-5 months
  • Banded Tape System - lasting up to 6-8 weeks
  • Add-in Hair Enhancements - maintenance required every 4-6 weeks

A consultation to determine the system best suited for you is required.

Consultation Appointment -- $30
(50% of Consultation fee will be applied towards extension service.)

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