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The first thing that is noticed is your hair. Your haircut is the frame of your face and your hair color says either, "beautiful and shiny" or..... nothing. Don’t let that happen, consult our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff, so you will get noticed!

We use only best hair color products available to provide you with your best hair color results.

* All of our color pricing does not include a haircut or finished style.

Basic Coloring and Hiding Silver

Color – Virgin Application

Short to medium

From $60

Medium to Long

From $70 - $80

Extra long or extra thick

From $80 - $100


Custom Color / 1st Application

From $75

Custom Color / Retouch

From $55

Hi - Lift Bleach Blond Retouch

From $60

Hi – Lift Bleach Blonde Retouch 1st Application

( Requires Consultation)

Color Refresher, Toner, Filler

$20 & UP

Corrective Color/ Specialized Coloring Services

( Consult with Hair Designer for Pricing )

Elumens Hair Color

From $70

Elumen High Performance Hair Color

  • The Elumen hair color product is a high performance hair color system offering beautifully colored hair without any damage.
  • Great for low-lighting, toning, color balancing and multi-shading
  • Ammonia free, providing exceptional condition and shine.
  • Allows your hair designer to achieve spectacular coloration and lasting durability.
  • on and lasting durability. • Consult with your hairdresser to see if this coloring system is right for you.

This service may require a longer appointment time. Due to the technology of this hair color and the hair coloring opportunities it allows your hairdresser to achieve, pricing is determined upon usage/application.

Customizing Color Techniques

Customized Techniques combined with customized formulation, gets you individualized attention!

Foil Weave

From $80

Partial Weave & Color Slicing

From $60

Individual Foils

From $8

Balayage / Ombre

From $90

Color Blocking, Color Slicing and Color Framing are creative techniques that are currently being used to provide the most up to date looks. These techniques may be used by themselves or in conjunction other techniques. Due to the customization of these techniques prices vary. Consult with your hairdresser.

Hair Color Services Specific to Men

Today’s well-groomed man uses color to enhance his look or for grey coverage. The two common mistakes most men make when coloring their hair is not having it done professionally and choosing the wrong color. Professional application combined with correct color and product choices, is the only way to receive natural looking hair color.

Men’s Hair Color Reshade

From $35

Men’s Partial Weave

From $35

Specialty and Extreme Color

Brights – From yellow to blue, or pink to purple, whether a full head or hi-lights we can give them to you .
* Consultation suggested prior to service.

Extreme Reds – These are not your ordinary reds. Special attention and expertise is needed for these “stop traffic”, reds!

Corrective Coloring

Oops! Colored your hair at home or visited the wrong salon! Allow our experienced and knowledgeable staff to give you the hair color results you will love. Dependent upon the amount of correction required, more than one service or visit may be required.
* Consult with Hair Designer for estimated pricing.

Note – To accommodate our hair color needs, our Artisans and Master Designers utilize Salon Assistants for the application of color, monitoring, shampooing and conditioning. The Artist or Master Designer determines the color formulation and placement of color. As a result, you receive the same high quality service, with better appointment availability and two great service providers at your service. If you request a “Master Only” service there is an additional $15-20 charge.

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